Love It and List It: Favourite Technology

I am super-excited to be able to take part in my first ever Love it and List it Linky Party!!
I always love looking through everyone else's lists and am so pleased I can now post my own! - Go over to visit Jenna at Speech Room News to find out more about this.

This month's topic- Favourite Technology!

I don't use technology a great deal in my day job; I often go for the low-tech/old school approach (pens and paper!), but am slowly making the crossover into the techy world!!

BUT, I do definitely have a few must-have tech items, which I couldn't do without!

1.  Obviously, the good ol' iPad!   I use this most during daily Literacy and Numeracy sessions with my students. There are some brilliant sight-word apps out there, which are so appealing to my students.  Depending on their targets, I will also use the iPad during our SLT sessions; even if just as a reward at the end, but I'm sure we all know, everything is sooo much more fun on an iPad!

2.  A Camera- Since in my setting we don't all have our own iPads, there are times we still have to make do with a simple camera. But, I find that's invaluable during sessions, to take pictures of their work and anything else that's motivating or related.

3.  A timer-  any sort really, from the low-tech time-timer to higher tech, digital clocks or iPad apps-  definite must have!

4.  Interactive Whiteboard- in my setting, every classroom has an interactive whiteboard; these are awesome. I love that you can connect your iPad to it, the kids can all join in, and have different coloured ink to show their contribution. and best of all... the board is still clean afterwards! Long gone are the days of multi-coloured smudges on the boards because the pens won't rub off.

5. My laptop! Without this, and the programmes I have, I wouldn't be able to do any of the things I need to, and especially wouldn't be able to make my resources!

Those are my technology favourites! What are yours?  Head on over to Speech Room News to see what other SLPs think too!

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  1. When I have to use a timer, I either use my android phone, a timer on the iPad, or one on my desktop computer. OR...the old fashioned kind!


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