'Tell Me About It'

I work primarily, with students aged 13-16; they're a mixed bag, some are fairly high level and some are lower level ability... and their maturity level varies too.

Now, some on my caseload love activities with tonnes of cute graphics (which pleases me, because I love them too!!), but some of them really, really don't (even if the activity is suited to their ability level, if it's too "cutsie" they're not interested).

I've spent many, many hours channelling my inner "cool teenager" and scouring TpT and the wider web for a suitable activity pack that will appear trendy enough, be the ideal ability level, and save me time (I don't ask for much do I!?!).   But it dawned on me over the Easter Break I wasn't saving time at all! I was conducting a fruitless search and still had to come up with something cool and engaging during my therapy sessions!

Then, when I was thinking about my targets and interventions for next term, I had a fabulous idea (if I do say so myself!)  So here it is, the 'Tell Me About It' Expressive and Receptive Language Activity Pack!

The pack includes 42 pages! The contents are:
  • Instructions for activity set up + picture for clarity
  • Describing Coins (10 in total)
  • Prompting Squares (7 in total)
  • Card Deck (72 cards in total – 36 word only, 36 with visual aid)
  • 1 information page about describing
  • 10 information cards about each coin- useful for teaching about each concept (9 are half a page, 1 is full page).
  • Graphic organizers- 1 x mind-map layout for describing (4 copies- color and BW)1 x mind-map layout for prompting squares (4 copies- color and BW)2 x example pages of completed mind-maps
  • 2 x data collection sheets

This expressive and receptive language activity aims to help students to 

  • develop their ability to use language to describe and explain – through the use of adjectives and descriptors
  • develop and strengthen their vocabulary and semantic word knowledge – by being able to identify objects from given clues about it’s features.
The activity also aids development of attention and listening skills and auditory memory.

How to play:
Players take it in turns to pick a card from the deck. They turn over the describing coins, one by one. As they do so, the player who’s turn it is, has to describe the object based on that attribute (smell, size etc.);  the other player has to guess. If they are unable to guess after all the coins have been turned over, then you use the prompting squares to aid further description.

If students struggle with the concepts or certain words, or you wish to write their responses, there are 
graphic organizers included in this pack, as well as information cards about each attribute. 

Here's a sneak peek of what's included:

I'm really pleased with this activity. I know there's a fair bit of preparation to do beforehand, but I know it will be worth it.  I am sure my students will love it, especially those ones who are "too cool".  

I hope you like it too, let me know what you think!

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