How do you use it?: Velcro

Miss Speechie, over at Speech Time Fun is hosting a linky party!  This month it's all about a Speech and Language Therapist's must have item: velcro!! Would we get through a year day without it?!... I'm not sure I would!

Please note, unfortunately I don't have any pictures as the items I use are functional items in my setting, and are likely to have children's names/pictures on. I'm sorry about that, but I'm sure you can use your imagination! Feel free to comment or email if you want any further information!

These are just some of the ways I use velcro in my day to day practice:

1.   Visual Timetables

In my setting (I work in a school), we have visual timetables in every classroom. They're long strips of paper, usually stuck on the wall near the interactive whiteboard.  At the start of the lesson, the teacher/SLT will have put up the visual symbols for what's happening/expected that lesson.

For example, the symbols might show
sit down, good listening, teacher talking, whiteboard, worksheets, group work, questions, tidy away.

As we move through the lesson and each activity is completed, the symbol is removed from the timeline, so students know that they've finished with one activity, and the next is due to start.
I find these invaluable in my setting because it really helps the students know what is happening, and it removes any uncertainty.

I also use the same style for smaller first/next/then boards during therapy sessions too.

2.  Reward charts

Velcro is an incredibly useful tool when it comes to creating reward charts!  When I'm designing a reward chart for a student, I spend a lot of time talking to them, their parents and the staff working with them, to find out what they like/don't like, their favourite colour and the ideal size. This way, I know that the chart is user friendly and motivating for the student.

Usually the reward chart is colour coded (possibly in-line with The Incredible 5-Point Scale- depending on the student), then I have spots of velcro at each level, and a cute shape to use as the visual reminder, to show the student what level their behaviour is at.  These work brilliantly for my students, and the addition of a nice train or lego characters makes it so appealing, they're eager to use it too!

3.  File folder games

I also use velcro when creating file folder games; this is really handy, as you know the pieces are going to stay put when you have finished!  When I'm creating the games, the playing area is in the middle, and then there's a strip of velcro down the side, so the pieces all stick to that.

Well, those are just some of the ways I use velcro when I'm at work! I find it such a useful resource, as I'm sure you all do too!   So then, how do you use velcro?

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