Targeting Targets

I don't know about you, but the students I work with have access to a range of services within my setting, and so, they have a lot of targets.

Try as they might, with their speech, language, communication, memory, attention, listening (shall I go on?) difficulties, it's really hard for them  to remember each and every target they have each term. So, I've created this...

Included in this freebie are 4 target posters (in both half page and full page size). This is what they look like:

They're just a relatively simple design, so as not to distract from the purpose (knowing what the target is!)

My students get to pick the poster design they want, then we write the target on the half page size and on the full page. 

Why write it twice?!  I hear you ask...

We write it twice because the half page gets sent home to parents, so they know what they're learning in speech, and the full page poster either goes on display in my speech room, or goes in their folder, and comes out when they have their session (depending on the child's preference!)

I've included a blank space in this version, so you can add in the topic of the target, for example, "My writing target" "my maths target" etc. 

I hope you like this freebie, it's available now in my TPT store!  

Thanks for looking! Let me know if you get it!

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