Top Ten things I want to do this summer. Linky Party!

I've been unbelievably busy lately.  I've neglected the blog, facebook and TPT for a while.. not intentionally, obviously, but because I've been so wrapped up with work!

Does that ever happen to you? Where for weeks on end, all you think about is your caseload and work?
It's so important to take some time to enjoy the things you've been missing out on... to try and get that "work-life balance" restored.

Well, that's what I've done lately... I've done some gardening, been on walks and had some "me time"; it has been lovely.

I've also taken some time to complete some products that I've been working on.  I hate having things unfinished, but sometimes, the motivation goes, or there's just no time! Anyway, I'm thrilled that I've finally had time to finish my Articulation Screener and Full of Feelings Emotions Pack.   But this blog post isn't about that, it's all about my summer plans! Woo!

Now, for me, summer isn't for another 7 and a half weeks.  It sounds such a long time, but I love the summer term!
...although we have exams and end of year reports,, we also have caseload changes (happens every few years),  summer fayres, sports days and so much more. It's lovely, and the kids and staff are all full of the joys of summer!

This linky party is hosted by Deanne over at Mrs Jump's Class. I couldn't resist joining in and thinking about summer!!

Here are my Top Ten things I want to do this summer:

1. Read
I have loads of books on my bookshelf that I've never had the chance to read. Some are new, that I've been given as presents, and others have been there years. I'm making sure I have the time to get lost in a good book this summer.

2.  Shopping
I can't resist going into town and spending some "me time" wandering around the shops. Most of the time, I won't buy anything, but I love browsing and seeing what there is. I usually always end up in a stationery store looking for cute boxes and folders I can use to organise my work... 'cuz I'm cool like that.

3. Spending time with my other-half
Although we live together, and have done for years, sometimes we don't actually spend time together. Obviously, we spend time together, but maybe not quality time. So this summer, I'm making sure that we spend quality time together, even if it's just time in the garden, I'm going to treasure every moment.

4. Gym
I love exercising. Going to the gym, or swimming, or running...anything energetic! During term-time, it's hard to find the time/motivation to go. Especially after one of those more challenging days. So during summer, I'm going to go to the gym, a few days a week! Bring it on!

5. Spending time with family
With my job, I don't always get time to go see family as often as I'd like to. So this summer, I'm definitely going to go see my family and spend quality time with all of them too!

6. Resource making
I can't resist this. I love creating new resources for my students, so I'll definitely be spending time doing this during my summer break.

7.  CPD
I actually enjoy engaging in continued professional development! I think it's vital in our profession, and I know that I'll never know everything about speech and language therapy. So this summer, I will make time to catch up on the many journal articles that I've got stacked up ready!!

8. Blogging!
I'm planning on doing lots and lots of blogging this summer. I have plans for new posts that I will be doing; with a special feature on CPD. So watch this space!!

9. Organising!
I am an organisation nut. I love organising my workspace. "Tidy desk, tidy mind". I will be organising my home office, and going into work (during the summer break! :-O ) to organise and decorate my office.

10. Have fun. 
Whatever I do this summer, if it all goes to plan or not, I intend on enjoying myself, making the most of every day and having fun. Life is too short, and it can't all be spent planning and organising...

So, a simple summer in store for me. What are your plans?

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