Hello again!!! There's a back to school sale on TPT!

Well hello!

It seems like it has been aaaaaages since I last blogged..... probably because it has been!!

While most of you were enjoying your summer holidays in June/July, I was still working hard, and crazy busy at work!!  (and I haven't been the slightest bit jealous of all the lovely photos....)

Towards the end of June, my students were all completing their exams and starting their transition to pastures new (college, work experience or even a holiday!). So, obviously,  I got to rest, get all my paperwork done and feel cool and collected as we cruised to the end of the summer term...right?...wrong! (I must have been living in dreamland!).   While my students were all excited for their new starts and experiences, the therapists in my setting were told we were all getting a new age group in September!  Woo.. Wait. What?!   A change?   But, but... all my resources are tailored for teenagers and exams! I can't possibly change age groups! (and I thought it was my students that struggled with change!) 

So, while I was doing all my end of year paperwork, I had a long, hard think... What age group would I like to move to??   I hadn't thought about this before. I've been with this age group for 3 years. Why would I want to change?! And the idea of changing; what group to pick?? It was such a hard choice in my complex and unusual setting!
Well, after a long (and I mean looonngggg) time deliberating, I requested "younger" (I struggled to be more specific!!). I didn't really know which group I wanted to work with, other than, younger ones.... I was am pleased because I got what I asked for, so I'll now be working with our youngest kiddos aged 3 - 11.  (Eeek!?- That's so little!) That's a big HUGE difference from the older teens I did work with, but I think it will be a good difference - I'll just make sure that I have my hand-sanitiser at the ready!

Anyway, once I had finally got my head around the concept of a totally different age group in September, it was then, all of a sudden, SUMMERRRRRR!! Woo! 5 and a half weeks of bliss!  5 and a half weeks of me time!! And, obviously,  5 and a half weeks of time to think about exciting new activities for my new littlies!!! Woo!

But, just as I start my summer break, loads of you are all going back to work!! 
How is it that time already?!

Well, it's not all bad...  you're going back at a good time because there's a sale on Teachers Pay Teachers! Hooray!

The Back To School TPT sale is on August 4th - 5th 2014!! And, to celebrate, my entire store is going to be 20% off. But wait, there's more!  You can also use the promo code BTS14 to get up to 28% off!! 

Remember to leave feedback on all your paid purchases, as you earn extra credit to use at the checkout!

Well,  I am going to go and spend some time relaxing before I start on my massive to-do list!  
I will be back soon with new blog posts, products and activity ideas! Woo! 

What fun things have you done this summer and when do you go back to school?  

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