Disney Themed Activities- Speech Therapy Fun!

There's just one more week of my summer holiday left! I've spent quite a lot of time organising my resources; printing out all my new resource packs, like our Articulation Screener, ready for my 1:1 sessions, and our new Spelling Booklet, ready for in-class support!   I've also spent time planning and preparing some new activity ideas, and I wanted to share one of these with you today!

Here in the UK, we have an NHS initiative called "Change for Life" (you can see the website for it here).
It's a great campaign; as well as educating families about how to fit healthy eating and exercise into a busy lifestyle on a small budget; it also provides free resources to families to help them along the way!
One of the latest summer initiatives is "10 Minute Shake up". When I saw this pack advertised on TV, I couldn't resist ordering one! The therapy ideas whizzed around my head, and I knew that my students would enjoy them!  I ordered the pack and it came within a week, so I've had loads of time to get familiar with the activities and plan how I am going to use them when I'm back at work!

Here's what was included:

Looks awesome, right?!

As you can see, they're all Disney themed (brilliant!) It includes 28 cards, each with a simple, fun and entertaining activity, themed around a Disney movie/TV show. For example, "Kingdom Dance"- A dance move game based on the film 'Tangled', and "Nemo Tag" based on 'Finding Nemo'.

These activity cards are perfect for following direction games with students! I can't wait to use them!

Here are some examples:
"Jake's Climb the Rigging" (Jake and the Neverland Pirates)- In this activity, one student plays Jake and they're in charge, and the other students are the 'Neverland Pirates'.  The person playing Jake gets to shout out instructions, these can be pirate themed, such as "climb the rigging", "scrub the decks", which adds to the fun!  But, some of my students will find that difficult, so I'm going to use my 'Following Direction Lollipop Sticks', so that they don't have to worry about thinking of the directions, and can focus on enjoying the activity! (Different types of directions are written on the sticks, from one-step to temporal and conditional). 

Following Direction Lollipop Sticks

Another activity is "Simba Says", this is based on the game "Simon Says", and follows the same rules. But everyone pretends to be a different wild animal, and the leader is referred to as "The King of the Pride Lands" (an easy change, but it will make all the difference if they're bored of "Simon Says"!). 

With all of these activities, you can link in so many different therapy goals! As well as comprehension inc. following directions, you can incorporate speech goals and sentence formulation when they give instructions, attention and listening skills, auditory processing, social skills and more!  (I literally can't wait to start using them!)

Some of the activities are quite active too; which is a really fun and alternative way to do therapy. Such as "Dash's Dodge"- where you run around an obstacle course and "Tigger's Bounce-Off"- where you jump around an obstacle course in the quickest time possible.  In my setting, we often co-deliver lessons, with teachers and/or OTs, so I'm sure these activities will get used during PE lessons, or even at break time! They provide so many fun, different and engaging activities, I know they'll be a sure-fire hit!

As well as the activity cards, the pack included a stopwatch (which are always useful in therapy sessions, even if used as a timer to indicate the end/change of an activity!).  It also included a sticker set and reward chart, where children can track when they've completed each of the activities. 

Sticker Chart

Reward Chart

I plan on using the stickers are my extra special, above-and-beyond, better-than-a-gold-star reward. These will only be given out when students meet targets or demonstrate exceptional effort. (I regularly give out extra credits and gold stickers anyway, so these will be like gold-dust!)

And, I love the reward chart way too much for it to be only used once, so I'm going to trim it down, and laminate it. A little bit of tweaking here and there, and then it will become my new and exciting generic board game!  I'm sure this will be a major motivator during my SLT sessions! Not least because I'll be extra-excited to use it too!

If you're interested in the 'Change for Life' campaign, and especially the '10 minute shake-up' activities, check out this website. It includes videos and games that you can follow and provides a range of activities that you can use during therapy sessions.

What do you think of the activities? Have you any other ideas of how they could be used in therapy?
Have you ever scored an awesome freebie like this? Let us know!

Please note: All of the thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are that of The SLT Scrapbook and are not influenced by the NHS or "Change for Life" campaign. The SLT Scrapbook has not been asked to produce this review and has done so purely to share speech therapy ideas related to this activity pack.

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