Product Review- Brag Tags by Simply Speech

Today I'm going to be talking about/reviewing these Speech & Language Brag Tags by Simply Speech.
You can check out Kristin's original post about them here.

So, I'm going to just come right out and say it.... 
These. Are. Awesome.

Okay, so now I've got that out of the way... I will explain...

In September, I moved to a new caseload. I changed from my "I'm too cool for school" teenagers, where our reward system was extra 'free time' to play football or go on the computer... to my "school is amazing and I love to work hard" little primary class.  A lot of the youngsters on my new caseload have complex SLCN and low self esteem, so I knew I'd want to be praising them as much as I could. With that in mind, I knew that free time just wouldn't be ideal.  If I was to reward all the positive things they did with free time...then they'd never be in class!  This lovely bunch of kiddos need something instant and tangible when they have done something positive.  

I started thinking about reward systems- I work on the premise that we should be reinforcing the positive behaviours, not punishing the negative ones.  So, I wanted a system where the kids could earn something for being great, without risking losing it for doing something not-so-great immediately afterwards. 

I also wanted a system that wouldn't cost me much. With the amount of praise and rewards I was wanting to hand out, I didn't want to have to go to the shop each week to replenish my treasure chest or reward box. 

So, at first, I was just going to have stickers... everyone likes a gold star, right? 
But then this started... "Do you have Frozen stickers?" "I want smiley faces though..." "Miss so-and-so has those smelly stickers".  So clearly, gold stars weren't going to be that motivating.

I considered having little postcards, where I could write all about the positive things little Jonny had done that day, and then send it home for his parents to read.  But I knew that wouldn't work for me either.  I felt that the reward system had to be for the students, not for their parents. They had to be instant yet tangible. And they had to be easily reproducible... in case I used them all up rather quickly. 

Then, I stumbled upon these amazing brag tags by Simply Speech!  I knew they would be perfect!

An example of some of the brag tags.

There are four versions of each achievement (two boy and two girl images).  The positive comments include things like "I am a super reader" "I can say my "Th" sound", " I can be a good friend" etc. 
The idea behind these are that each student gets a lanyard and you can give them out to students when they have done something great. They then attach them onto their lanyards and can show them off, or "brag" about them!

I've been using them a little differently though. In my setting, students aren't allowed things around their necks, for various safety reasons. So, I have printed all the brag tags off, backed them with matching paper, and laminated them (and they look super cute!).

They're super cute, right?

When my students have achieved part of their goal, worked hard, or been really kind etc., then they get a brag tag. But... they're not "just given a brag tag" when they're given a brag tag... they're given it like this:

"OH MY GOODNESS Jonny... do you know how AMAZING you have been today!?... Today you have done XYZ... do you know what that means?!"
(they usually look at me at this point, wide eyed and a little confused...) "No Miss..."
"Well Jonny, it means, you have earned one of these, super special, totally awesome, brag tags.."
(I then go to my special box -an old ice cream tub, nicely decorated (in case you were wondering)- and I lift the lid slowly, and gasp)
(The children are usually craning their necks at this point... desperate to see in the box)
"Look at these, Jonny... (I then pull out the brag tag they've earned) you've earned this today"
(Little Jonny is usually bursting with pride at this point, and clutches their brag tag excitedly)

I then tell them, that because they've earned one of these brag tags, they get to go into the lesson, and show their friends. 
They head away excitedly, burst into the classroom, and wave their exciting brag tag with pride. 

...I usually offer a gold star too... but they're never interested.

As well as the pre-printed ones, the set also comes with a few blank copies. I've backed all of these, but not laminated them. So, with these, I've hand-written little notes, if the children have done something that's not on one of the printed tags. I then laminate them, and hand them out in the same daft exciting way as before!

The blank copies of the brag tags.

I know I've done a lot of talking there,  so, to sum up...
  • The Speech and Language Brag Tags are fabulous, because they're a cheap, easily reproducible reward system
  • There are a huge range of brag tags ready made- I've not listed them on here, but Kristen did on her original post (here)
  • They're a great system to use when you're focusing on reinforcing positive behaviour
  • My students seem to like these much more than stickers

You should definitely go check them out; they're available in Simply Speech's TPT store, now.

Have you used these? How have you been using them? I'd love to hear about it :)


  1. Thank you SO much for this fabulous review! I'm glad you love them as much as I do!

    1. No problem! I think they're great, and so do my kiddos! I can see me using them for a long time!
      Thanks for making such a super product!


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