1 Year TPT celebration!

So... I can't quite believe it! It has been one whole year since we opened our TPT Store!
(It's also been quite a while since we blogged last... sorry about that.. y'know, Christmas, back to school, progress reports, blog, logo and general image update... busy busy!) 

Well, we want to celebrate the fact that on 30/01/2015 it will officially be 1 year since we opened our store and posted our first ever product on TPT!  (where has the time gone!?)

I still remember that moment when I saw that someone had actually downloaded it. I mean, someone wanted our products!  It felt amazing and you know what... it still does! We are still beaming with pride every time someone downloads one of our products! The thought that an SLT somewhere is cutting and laminating our products and that a child somewhere is playing our games... it just blows my mind and it makes us feel so grateful, blessed, humble and honoured. Every. Single. Time.

Throughout this last year, I feel that I've become a much better speech and language therapist, thanks to the resources I've been making and the resources I've downloaded from TPT! I know that my students get so excited every time I say.. "I've got a new activity for you!"  They love the reinforcing activities, the flash cards, the board games and the worksheets.  They love choosing which activity they want to complete, and they love the adorable clipart!

Anyway... to show our immense gratitude for the support, love and encouragement you've all given throughout this past year, our TPT store will be 20% off from 30/01/2015 - 9pm (UK time) on 01/02/2015.

Thank you to you all for your amazing, ongoing support of our little endeavour.
We have big plans for 2015, so make sure you keep up with all of our latest news and updates...

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Thanks again!

P.S. ... You'll definitely want to "Like" us on Facebook... we're going to be doing a giveaway on 31/01/2015! ;)

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