Creative Storage for TPT Products- SLP Runner Linky Party!

I love organisation.
In my speech room, there is a place for everything and everything is in it's place. So when I saw this Linky Party by SLP Runner, I knew I had to join in!

I have included Amazon links in this post, just to help explain what I use. I haven't got loads of photos of my speech room, especially my cupboard, because all of my pupil files are in there. I have it organised so that the files are on one shelf and the resources/games/everything else are on another. But, when I tried to take pictures, it was hard to get some without the files in (unless I removed it all...and that definitely wasn't going to happen!!). I know I could have cropped the photos or blanked out the names, but I thought it would be nicer to include the links to the things I use, and that will hopefully will help it make more sense! 

Anyway.. on to how I organise my things....

Firstly, after I've printed and made up all of the amazing TPT products I have, they get put in either an A5 (small) or A4 (larger) plastic wallet. Like this...

As you can see, these are translucent, so I always make sure the front cover of the product is visible, this helps when I'm quickly looking through my things for the activity.
These are the sort of things I use... Plastic Envelope Wallets (Amazon Link). 

If the packets are darker, then I stick the front cover on one side... like this...

I then arrange my packets together, based on their category- speech, comprehension, memory, etc. The categories are broader, rather than "questions", "prepositions" etc. because I don't have loads of different resources for each individual area.... yet!! (I might have to expand my comprehension section soon though!)

If I have a lot of activities in a category, then the packets get put into clear boxes, like these ones... Clear Plastic Boxes- (Amazon Link). or, cute white boxes (that I've decorated with washi tape), like these... White Paper Boxes (Amazon Link).

In this box are my games.  I have a mix of games from TPT and card games. This box isn't very big, but it's the perfect size for the A5 packets I use.  I have an identical box too, which has the other (Old School) smaller games in, such as 'Tumbling Tower', 'Dominoes' etc.

If I don't have many activities from a certain category, then I put the packets in magazine files like these White Magazine Files (Amazon Link). 

I put a cute label or washi tape decoration on each of the files and boxes, so I can see easily at a glance where my resources are. 

My labels look like this...

(I love chevrons!)

By the way, my room "theme" is green and white. So, I have white boxes, white magazine files, a white pencil pot, clear boxes and then green details, such as the labels and the washi tape. It looks nice all the same, and the calm colours help reduce my student's distraction levels!

Oh, before I forget... I have found a small basket that is the perfect size for my washi tape (it formed part of a gift set at Christmas)...

Cute right? 

All the other resources I have, like worksheets, all go in either a lever arch file (within the file, the resources are organised by type and difficulty), or they go in my filing cabinet- each separated by type etc.

Finally, the last thing I use, which doesn't cost me any extra,  are empty washing powder tubs or ice cream tubs. I wash these out and decorate with them tape and a cute label (obviously!).  These are great for holding pens, lollipop sticks, scissors, glue, game pieces etc.

These are so useful. I've kept the screw on lids too, so they're super portable!!

So, I think that's everything. The storage solutions I have aren't necessarily creative; but it works for me and my students. Everything looks clean, organised and cute, and as I said at the start...

There's a place for everything and everything is in it's place. 

I've loved showing you the different things I use to keep organised in my speech room.  I'd love to see how you keep your TPT products organised too! Be sure to check out the other SLTs that have linked up over on SLP Runner.


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