Therapy Ideas- Smiley Face Stickers

I've thought of a new "theme" which I'm going to do fairly regularly on the blog. It's nothing revolutionary, just an idea about taking seemingly everyday things and talking about how I've used them in therapy!
I thought it would be a nice way to share some therapy ideas and inspiration, from my speech room to yours, so I hope you enjoy!

This post is all about some smiley face stickers...

These are foam stickers, they come in 6 different colours, and have a white back, which if you peel off, is adhesive. So far I've used them with the white back still on, and not as normal stickers. They come in two different sizes- big and small, and they have a range of emotions on them.

My first thought when I got these stickers was that I could do some simple sorting tasks.
I have a few students who are working in a small group, on sorting things into groups and categories. We've started simple and it's something they've been doing in their lessons too. So the first thing we did was sort them by colour.  I made a set of simple sorting mats and gave the kids a mixture of the stickers, they then worked together and sorted the faces into the right coloured circle, like so:

They really enjoyed this task. It was a great activity because it worked on their social skills too- taking turns, encouraging each other, helping each other. It was very sweet! :)
After we'd sorted the colours, we looked around the room for other things that were the same colours. This was fun because it got them up and about too! They then each took it in turns to say what they had found and which colour it matched with.  Some were even getting really good and noticed when an object had more than one colour, so it could be in two + groups! *Cue proud therapist moment!*

With another of my students, we've been working on concepts and classifying things by their size. 
So, I made another simple sorting mat and gave him a selection of the stickers. He had to sort them into either the 'big' or 'small' pile, like so...

After we had done that, we then looked around the room again and chose objects that were big and small. We talked about what group they would go into.  We made up simple sentences, like "the coin is small", "the desk is big".

I also run a few social skills groups, and we're currently working on understanding and identifying emotions.  We have a set programme that we work through with the kids, but I thought as a nice warm up activity, I would bring along the stickers and some more sorting mats, and we would sort a selection of stickers into their emotions, like so...

As you may be able to guess, that week we were working on feeling angry.  The kids took it in turns to place their stickers in the right pile, and then we spoke about what those faces looked like, and how our faces look when we feel angry, sad and shocked.  This then led nicely onto talking about how our body feels when we're angry, what we look like when we're angry and what makes us angry.  It was a great warm up activity.

I hope you enjoyed seeing how I use these smiley stickers in my SLT sessions. I'd love to hear what you would do with them in your sessions, leave a comment below with your ideas!



  1. Hi. I'm wondering where you found this sticker set. I'm looking for these exact ones. Thanks!

    1. Hi Juliana, not sure where you are from, but in the UK we have a store called Wilkinsons where you can get a set similar, or you can grab the same set here from Amazon:

      Thanks for reading the post :)

      The SLT Scrapbook.


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