A New Plan For The Blog

It's been a while since we last blogged, and that's because quite a lot has happened outside of our lovely SLT and TPT bubble since we last blogged! Here's a super quick and brief run down...

  • We've started renovating our house. It's a 1930's house, we bought it not so long ago. We've pondered and mulled things over, and we've started the renovations (finally!). Mainly boring structural and safety things at the moment (boiler, electrics etc.) but we're getting there!
  • I've started a new job! I moved from the lovely school where I used to work with a small caseload but big workload... to a new NHS post, with a massive caseload and an even bigger workload... but I love it! :) (more about the job change etc. in an upcoming post!)
  • We got engaged! So now our days are being taken up with looking at venues, dresses, decorations, colour schemes and everything else! 
  • We've had a lot of birthdays and big celebrations to celebrate! So lots of fun family time, and not a lot of work or TPT time!

So, yeah... we've been a bit busy and with all that going on, in our free time (which was not very often at all!), we wanted some time to be just together. But now, we've had a nice break and with a new job has come lots of new TPT and blog ideas! Our creative minds are overflowing and now we just need to work out how to fit it all in without burning ourselves out!

This is where, we've thought about planning our free time just a bit better... which of course, meant we had to make a cute planner, which you can download from our TPT Store here.... for free! 

The plan is that we're going to jot down a few things a week, plus any other things we have going on, so we can better organise our week. The hope is this will then make us more organised with our home activities, work commitments and TPT ideas! 

Fingers crossed this will help us keep organised and keep up to date with all of our TPT ideas and big plans!! 

How do you keep organised? We'd love to have some more tips!

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