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A while ago, and by that I mean like 4 months ago back in April (how time flies!) we shared an image on our Instagram of our little postbox, and FINALLY I've gotten around to writing about how we made it! Better late than never...that's my motto!;-) 

So, to add a little context and reasoning behind making this... I started a new job in June this year. I knew I'd be travelling around sites and that would mean my things would have to withstand some crushing and shoving when I'm running late and just cramming my things into my bags! I also knew I wanted a little postbox, I had one for a long time at my old workplace, but it was simply made out of an old shoebox. It had gotten tatty through regular use and the kids liked it so much, I left it there for them as a parting gift. 

I mulled over making a novelty box- Like a monkey mouth, or a crocodile. But I knew I wouldn't have the right shaped box and really wanted something that would be stronger.  I also like the look of traditional English pillar postboxes we have here in the UK, and wanted to create something like that.

While I was pondering over how I was going to make a new, sturdier postbox & what it was going to be made from, we were having some work done on our house. As it happened, we ended up having some electrical work done and this meant that the electrician had a metal tube leftover. When I saw it, I instantly knew what I could use it for... it was open at both ends and had a letterbox style gap at one end! I asked the electrician if he needed it, and he and my boyfriend (as he was at the time, now we're engaged!- not sure I've mentioned that! ;-) ) looked at me with confusion and asked "what are you going to do with that?!". 
I knew it would make a super, sturdy, easily transportable postbox! Just what I was looking for. 

A close up of the metal tube....

Here's how we made it.... (note it's turned to we, from I... assistance was needed at times from my always-so-willing-to-help fiancé... mainly because I didn't like the sound of filing the metal! So I figure he should get some credit too! ;-) )

We used pliers to crimp down the rim at the top and bottom, to create a smooth, rounded finish. 
Some parts needed a bit of filing down, so we used a metal file to do that bit. 

We then covered it in paper, so it would look red if any bits were missed while putting the shiny, red tape on.  Then, we covered it in shiny, red tape! 
For the lid, we searched high and low for something ideal. Randomly we tried the lid of an old biscuit tin (you know the kind; a novelty Santa one you get lots of at Christmas time!). Through sheer luck, it was the perfect shape, and popped right in! 
We then covered that and the tube in red tape again. We used black tape at the bottom to create the solid black stripe often seen at the bottom of an English postbox!

I then designed a little label for the front of the postbox, just simply made on Powerpoint. 
I work with young children, so I made a cute little label that's for Speech and Language Therapy post only! I added a little bit of detailing too, it's intentionally faded because it is embossed on postboxes over here, so I wanted to create that look... kind of . 

And here it is! The final product! 

I'm really pleased with how it has turned out, and following 2 months of use, it's still in really good condition! Happy SLT!

I'd love to know what you think about it! If you use postboxes in your therapy sessions, what do they look like? Comment below!

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