A Slice of Speech- Visual Plans for August 2016!

This might come as a shock to a lot of you, but as I don't work in a school, I don't get a summer break...  I know right?!  Instead, I get holidays throughout the year, whenever I choose (which is pretty great!).  But this means that I don't get that "Back to School" dread excitement like many of you will be having at this point in the year!  I have a really full and busy caseload and see almost 50 children a week, so I don't tend to do many separate themed activities for individual kids! Instead, I choose activities which can meet the targets of a wide range of my caseload, while also ensuring the kids are engaged and having fun!  I've always liked the idea of sharing about what I do in my therapy room and Scarlett over at Speech is Sweet has a really fun monthly linky called 'A Slice of Speech' which I was so excited to link up with! 

What's it all about?
The linky will take place at the start of each month and is a great way for Speech Therapy bloggers to share visual plans for the month.  It's a great way for you to gain more ideas of things to use in your therapy room too! 

Now, let's get into this month's plans....

Each week I see a wide range of kids; a lot of these need reviewing and I love to use our Speech Sound Screener to monitor their progress! It's ordered by general age of acquisition for each sound, so for younger children, I know I don't need to look through the whole assessment in order to gauge their progress and this is a great timesaver!

A lot of my caseload seem to be struggling with similar sounds at the moment- lots of fronting, backing, stopping and cluster reduction is going on! I love having no prep activities that we can do during the session and that they can take home for homework.  I'm currently loving our new Articulation Tic Tac Toe games for /k g t d/ and /f v s z/ sounds!  We also have a /p/ freebie in our store that is great for working on plosives too!  Since it's summer, I'm also trying to do lots of summer themed activities, and our no prep summer themed Stamp n Say worksheets are great for working on /s/, /r/ and /l/ blends! 

My caseload is very varied, so I love to use products that can target a range of skills.  If I can use one product all day long, I am a very happy SLT!
Currently, the kids on my caseload are loving these summer themed language activities- the pack is no prep, so you can just print and go! It's great for working on pronouns, verbs, synonyms and antonyms, categories and more! I also love our summer themed following directions colouring pack!  This pack focuses on helping kids practise following directions, but also targets pronouns, plurals and verbs!  Both of these are perfect for sending home as homework too!
I'm also loving these Preschool Vocabulary Smash Mats by Simply Speech and these Language Dough Dab Mats by A Perfect Blend (bonus- these are free too!).  These are great used together to work on categories, core vocabulary and more!  Plus, kids just love using playdoh!!

Truth be told, I have a few other things planned too- such as completing formal assessments and reports... but that's not quite as fun to talk about! 

I hope you've enjoyed reading about what I've got planned for therapy in August! I'd love to know what you've got planned too- drop me a comment, I love finding new resources and activities to use!
If you're wanting more ideas, be sure to head back to the linky to check out what other speech therapy bloggers have planned too!

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