Kiwi Speech Planner Stickers Review

I recently purchased a set of these planner stickers from Kiwi Speech on Etsy and I wanted to do a review about them, so I could share about how I intend to use them and to give you chance to have a closer look!

Please note: I ordered these myself, I was not asked to do this review and just wanted to share my views about the planner stickers.  I haven't received any form of compensation, so you're getting a full, honest & unbiased review! :)

I had been coveting these planner stickers for a while and when Kristin of Kiwi Speech announced that she was now offering international shipping, I jumped at the chance to order my own set!  I took a while to choose because the range of colours and options is amazing, but in the end I ordered the SLP Weekly/Monthly To Do Lists and the SLP Schedule 1 planner sticker sets, both in "solid subdued" colours!  I loved the pastel shades and knew they'd match the colour of any diary I get (I get given a diary/planner each September, so I've not actually got mine yet!). Now, I should probably say at this stage that the stickers are designed for Erin Condren planners, but although I covet these too, I've never owned one and it isn't likely I will, because we have to use specific diaries at work.  But, I could tell from looking at the size of them, that they'd be suitable for the diaries we get provided, and I really wanted some,  so I went ahead an ordered myself the sets anyway! :)

Now, because I'm based here in the UK and Kristin is all the way in Pennsylvania I was expecting the delivery to take a while.  But I ordered them on 6th August 2016 and received them on the 16th August 2016!  That is some fast international shipping!

They arrived in a hard, cardboard package and the font on the label was so nice!  Inside, the stickers were in a cellophane wrap with a nice 'Thank You' card included with all of the logos for where you can find Kiwi Speech's various social media sites and stores.  I loved the way they were packaged; they were so well protected that they had made it all the way to the UK without any damage at all! :) The order details were also included, and Kristin had checked them all off, so I could see easily that it was all included!

The stickers were even prettier than I had hoped! The colours are gorgeous and the fonts are so pretty!   The quality of the stickers is really good and they're the ideal size for the diary/planner I will have at work! (A small, A5 diary -roughly 6"x8").  Some of the stickers I chose are on removable paper (which I haven't tried yet), but Kristin is honest on her page that they might not be removable on every type of paper- I loved this honesty in her description!  I wanted removable stickers for those times when the stickers are put on wonky (nightmare!) or when I don't manage to complete the to-do list one week, so I can move it to the following week! 
The SLP weekly/monthly stickers have plenty of space to write in student names and the SLP Schedule 1 stickers provide a great, quick reference for meetings, professional development days and 'no school' days!

I also love the additional motivational quotes and the organisational stickers too! I'm going to use the pin/paperclip ones in the note pages of my diary to make a list of things to remember or to make each month! :)  I love being organised and I'm a visual person, so these stickers are perfect for me!

Here's a closer look:

Final thoughts... I love the overall look and quality of these stickers.  The cut and detail on each sticker is perfect and I know that they're going to be really useful at work! I can tell that they will help me stay organised so I can have a great year and I'm really excited to get my new diary next week, so I can put them to use!  I'll definitely be buying more when I've used these up!

If you're interested in getting your own, head over to Kiwi Speech on Etsy to purchase your own sets.  She provides a range of different types and the selection is growing regularly! Be sure to follow her on Instagram too, as you often get a sneak peek on there before they're posted in her store!

I'd love to hear how you stay organised; what are your favourite ways to keep your to-do lists in order?  Let me know below!


  1. I have the IEP Meeting Planner Stickers (Subdued) & I am LOVING them! I only had to wait a very few days to get them; they're perfect!!!!

    1. I love mine too Mary! The subdued colours are lovely and delivery was so fast! Kristin has done a great job with them! :)


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