A Slice of Speech- Visual Plans for September 2016

How can it really be September already?  Where did summer go?!!  We're joining up with Speech is Sweet again this month to share 'A Slice of Speech' for September!.  Check out her post & the linky here.
Now, although it seems to have come around really quickly, I must say, Autumn is my favourite season!  I love the changing colours, the crisp, fresh mornings and being able to layer up with cute scarves, boots and chunky knit sweaters! Perfect!

As I've mentioned before, since I don't work directly for a school and I have a large caseload, I like to plan activities that will meet the needs of most of my caseload and that don't require much preparation.  Here's what I have planned for September 2016...
Note: These aren't in a specific week order, I will do a range of these activities throughout the month. 

So, this month in our Speech and Language Therapy sessions, we're going to be doing some fun, no prep, Autumn (Fall) themed activities!  Here in the UK, schools are just starting to go back after their summer break, and although I don't have a summer break myself, I've decided that for the first week or so, we'll do some "Back to School" themed activities.  We'll be using our fun Ice Breaker Activities - these are great for any small groups and can be used all year round, but are particularly good for the start of term! For any new kids on my caseload I like to use the "All about me" pages and we fill one in each, so they get to know more about me too! We'll also do some following direction activities from our Back to School themed Following Directions pack!  These will act as a good baseline for the children who I know struggle with following directions and gives us a chance to discuss their new classes/schools and for me to get to know them a little bit more!  Since it's a new year for them (but not strictly for me), we will take the time to recap their targets and I'll make sure their teachers know what the children are working towards too.  We'll be using our Pencil Craft Target freebie, so the kids can write their targets down and take them home to show parents, and we'll use the Learning Target Posters so they can write out their targets and take them back to class to show their teachers.  

I always have new children coming onto my caseload, or children who need their speech sound progress reviewing, so I like to ensure I have my Informal Speech Sound Assessment with me.  It's so convenient to use; I love being able to take baseline data and then review progress throughout the year. I printed mine half size but there's a full size version too, which can be saved onto an iPad for a no prep & ink saving option!  We're also still loving the Articulation Tic Tac Toe games; we're currently working on other packs for different sounds! Be sure to follow our store on TpT so you're kept up to date with new releases!  You can buy the Tic Tac Toe games separately, or save money by buying the Growing Bundle (price increases as more packs are added).

I love using the Stamp n Say worksheets in therapy.  These no prep fall themed packs for /k g t d f s sh/ and /s/, /l/ and /r/ blends are great to use in Speech Therapy sessions and then to send home as homework!  You can buy them separately or get them in this money saving Speech and Language Bundle here.  In Speech Therapy sessions we usually use counters or playdoh to cover the images up, they then take them home to colour and practice again!

Pages from the /k g t d f s sh/ pack.

Since I work with children who have a range of language difficulties, I really like using resources which can meet many different goals!  Our no prep Back to School themed and Fall Themed following directions colouring packs are a huge hit in therapy sessions!  They're great to target following mixed length directions, as well as concepts, pronouns, plurals and more!  You can buy them separately or they're available in different bundles. Check out the whole range of following direction packs here.

I'm also using our Fall themed Language Activities Pack this month; it contains a range of activities that meet lots of different goals for Speech Therapy, such as pronouns, prepositions, synonyms, categories and more!  It's all no prep too, which I love! You can buy it as part of the Fall Speech and Language Bundle here!

A peek at some pages from our Fall Language Activities Pack.

I also really like the 10 Minute Grammar Flip Book by Teach Speech 365!  I bought it during the sitewide TpT Sale and absolutely love it!  It's great to use to get baseline data and do a quick screen of language needs, particularly when I'm out on visits to different schools, and I can't carry many assessments around!

Phew!!  So many things planned!! September is a busy month for us!  Also, although it's not on the plan here, since the 19th September is 'Talk Like a Pirate Day', we're going to do some pirate themed activities too.  We'll share about those in our next blog post!

What do you have planned for therapy this month?  We'd love to hear! Drop us a comment below!

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  1. Thank you for linking up! Your resources look so fun and engaging! :)


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