Talk Like a Pirate Day! Therapy Ideas

Every year since 2002, no matter what the day is, September 19th is 'Talk Like a Pirate' Day!
I've joined up with Sweet Southern Speech to share what I'm doing in therapy that day!

It seems that kids (and adults!) love the idea of 'Talk Like a Pirate Day' and they really embrace the fun side of the day! From kids answering "yaaaaar" when responding to the register or trying to make it through the day with a homemade eye patch on, they all seem to enjoy being pirates!  Since I know they enjoy it so much I like to incorporate pirate themed games, crafts and activities in my speech therapy sessions and I wanted to share a few of these with you today!


Pop up Pirate is a must! This fun, silly game is not only great used as a reinforcer in speech therapy sessions but it's also good for working on requesting, increasing mean length of utterance and social skills- sharing, turn taking... being a good loser!

I also love this pirate puzzle 'Pirate Shapes' from Orchard Toys.  It contains 4 different boards, but they all have the same shapes missing.  We use this usually as a reinforcer during sessions, playing it as a memory game and we can also work on those all important social skills!


There are so many great crafts ideas on Pinterest!  I love this treasure chest craft from Red Ted Art! Who doesn't want their own treasure chest for their special things?  Check out my board of pirate themed crafts and activities for more ideas.


I love doing themed activities in my Speech Therapy sessions to help kids to work towards their goals. It helps keep them engaged and provides a nice bit of variety!  I've already shared about my therapy plans for September here. But I didn't mention about my plans for Talk Like a Pirate Day because I wanted to share them with you here instead! Here are a few activities I'm planning on using on Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Our following directions colouring packs are hugely popular and I'm sure our Pirate themed pack will be no different!  It contains 7 colouring pages with mixed length directions. It's all no prep, so just print out the pages you need, grab some crayons and you're good to go! They're great for homework too!

This Pirate themed freebie is by Panda Speech and is great for targeting categories in Speech Therapy sessions!  I will use this alongside my pirate puzzle game while we work on our categorising skills!  Panda Speech also has a free Speech and Language Drill sheet available in her TpT store too! This acts as a great reinforcer when eliciting multiple repetitions during therapy sessions!

Peachie Speechie has a great game to use alongside Pop Up Pirate that is for practising speech sounds! This /m/ freebie is available in her TpT store, but you can get a pack with /r, l, s, m, k, g, f, v/ and /s/ blend sounds here.

I have lots of children on my caseload who are working on prepositions too!  I love using these Interactive Books and have a range of them in our TpT Store. You can buy them separately or in this money saving bundle.
We use the interactive book during our sessions to practice and reinforce the prepositions, and I send the worksheets home for extra practice.  The worksheets are all no prep and are great to use as homework! Check out our Pirate themed book & worksheet pack here.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing what we have planned for Talk Like a Pirate Day!  What have you got planned?  Drop me a message below, I'd love to hear about it!

Sweet Southern Speech has hosted a linky to gather together all of the Talk Like a Pirate themed blogposts; head over there now to see what other SLP Bloggers have planned too!


  1. LOVE Pop Up Pirate! It's so funny to see the kids' reactions to the pirate popping up! :)
    I can't wait to use your following directions! :)

    1. I enjoy using Pop up Pirate too- it's so motivating! I love it when a child hasn't played before, and they're surprised when he pops up! :)
      Thanks so much Mary! I really hope you enjoy using it! :)

  2. Some great ideas for a fun day! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Lisette! I like themed days like these; can't wait to use the resources tomorrow (and likely for most of the week!) :)


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