A Slice of Speech- Visual Therapy Plans for October

Wow! So, October is here and we're a little late to sharing our post about what we have planned for Speech & Language Therapy sessions this month! So sorry for the delay, the first week of October just flew by for us!! If you follow us on Instagram, you'd know that this past weekend was full of wedding dress shopping and birthday celebrations with the family :) :)  We've also been really busy updating old resources and creating new ones for our Teachers Pay Teachers Store! But, we love linking up with Scarlett from Speech is Sweet to share A Slice of Speech for this month!

Just in case you're new to reading these posts, here's an explanation on how we organise these visual plans; they're based (loosely) on skill; the vast majority of children on my caseload have difficulties with either articulation/phonology or language skills; I have very few (currently) who are dysfluent or who have social skills difficulties.  I also have a very large caseload, so I choose activities at the start of each month which can meet the needs of the majority of my caseload, with little preparation required!!
So, let me share a bit more about what's going on in my speech room this month!

As always, our Informal Articulation Assessment is getting a lot of use this month!  I'm always reviewing children's speech sound progress and this is so easy and convenient!  I love that there's a no prep version too, it's so easy to load onto the iPad and assess on the go!

We've also given our Halloween Themed Articulation Activities pack a huge update! New graphics/fonts/content! I'm so excited to be using this over the coming weeks in Speech Therapy sessions!  If you purchased this previously, be sure to redownload now (head to Teachers Pay Teachers, click on 'My Purchases' and sort by 'Recently Updated' to find all products that have been updated recently!) 

Since I can't use Halloween themed activities with all of the children I see, I'm using our Fall Themed Stamp and Say worksheets in therapy instead.  These are so motivating and engaging; kids love colouring in the pictures while practising their speech sounds!  There's a pack for /k g t d f s sh/ sounds and for /s, l, r/ blends!

I don't know about you, but I seem to have loads of children on my caseload who need to work on following directions! I like to give activities for schools and parents to do at home that don't require much additional effort or resources, so our no prep Following Directions Colouring Packs fit the bill perfectly!  We've recently released a new Halloween Themed Colouring Pack for 1, 2 & 3 step instructions!  These are really engaging, kids love listening to the instructions and colouring the pictures in.  For those children who are at a slightly higher level, this Halloween Colouring Pack contains mixed, multi-step directions and is a great activity for Speech and Language Therapy sessions or to be sent home for homework!

We've also just released a Halloween Themed Language Activities Pack which contains 42 pages of no prep language activities which are great for Speech Therapy sessions, or SPED/EAL lessons!  This no prep pack contains activities for synonyms, antonyms, wh-questions, pronouns, prepositions, sequencing, categories and more!  This pack is ready to print and go, which makes planning therapy sessions and homework a breeze!!

I really enjoy working on prepositions in therapy sessions, I find it so fun and engaging!  I love using our Interactive Preposition Books; they're great to use to gain a baseline or to practice prepositions in therapy sessions.  Some of the packs also come with worksheets which can be sent home for homework too!  Thankfully, we prepped our Pumpkin Themed Interactive Prepositions book last year, so it's ready to just grab and go!

Social Skills
Now, I know I said at the start that not many of the children on my caseload have specific social skills goals currently, but I do have a small number of children who are working on understanding emotions.  It's such a crucial skill for life, and it's so lovely to work on in therapy sessions.  We have recently given our Understanding Emotions resource a huge graphics and contents overhaul!! It now contains over 100 usable pages, including emotions posters, flashcards, worksheets, a bingo game, scenario cards, a feelings diary and loads more!  It has been such a valuable resource for our sessions and because it's not a seasonal resource, I can use it for various groups all year round!  We've teamed it with our Ice Breakers and Team Building Activities pack,so we are getting the chance to practice other key social skills too!

Phew! We have a busy month planned!  What have you got planned for your Speech and Language Therapy sessions this month?  Drop us a comment below, I'd love to hear what you have planned!  Be sure to head back to the link up to see what other SLP Bloggers have planned for October too!

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