10 Christmas Gift Ideas for the SLP

Christmas is coming round rather quickly, and you may wondering what to get for the SLP in your life this Christmas (I'm looking at you mum & my dear husband!!)  Well, I have gathered together a list of 10 Christmas Gift ideas for an SLP to suit a range of budgets!  What's great about these gifts, is that they're made for SLPs, by SLPs too!  Perfect!

1.  Peachie Speechie Apparel: You might know of Peachie Speechie from her TpT store, but she also has a great range of clothing and accessories for Speech Therapists, therapy assistants, OTs/PTs and teachers!  From shirts to coffee mugs to key rings and more, there is a huge range of fabulous items and colours available, so you're sure to find something to suit your SLP and your budget!

2.  Kiwi Speech Planner Stickers: If you're looking for ways to help the SLP in your life be a little more organised, then you should definitely check out the range of planner stickers available from Kiwi Speech! You may have read my review of the planner stickers earlier this year and it's fair to say that I still absolutely love them!  What's more, Kiwi Speech also does some fabulous planner sticker sets for brides-to-be, fitness fanatics, teachers, OTs and PTs too!  So you're sure to find the perfect set of planner stickers for your SLP this Christmas! If you're thinking of other gifts to get, why not check out her TpT store too!

3. Dean Trout's Little Shop: Everything in Dean's store is handmade and adorable. She makes a range of planner/journal bands and interactive felt play sets which are perfect for popular children's stories/rhymes such as '5 Little Speckled Frogs' and 'I know an Old Lady'. If you're looking for a Christmas gift with a personal touch, the goods from Dean's store will definitely fit the bill!  Be sure to check out her TpT store too, to see if there are any other goodies you can grab!

4. Pins by Erik: There are some really cute pins available from Erik X Raj. He makes a range of really funky pins which are perfect for an SLP to put on their lanyard and show off their SLP pride! Erik also sells some cool downloadable resources in his TpT store, so be sure to check there too for other gift ideas!

5. Cupcakezie on Etsy makes a range of products for SLPs (and brides or teachers).  She makes cute totes and tumblers which can all be personalised with names. Being an SLT myself, I particularly love the tumblers which have names written in phonetics (pictured above).  They will all make lovely gifts for SLPs for Christmas or birthdays!

6.  Kayla SLP is an SLP with a great store on Teachers Pay Teachers but she also makes cute vinyl stickers which can go on laptops or cars, which are for sale on Etsy.  These have been super popular and they've sold quickly; she doesn't have loads left but they would be good for birthday gifts too!

7. Twin Speech not only sell resources on TpT but they also have a Cafe Press store where they sell a range of Speech Therapy swag! Mugs, aprons, totes and more; you're sure to find a great Christmas gift for an SLP this year.

8.  The Speech Chicks are two friends who sell downloadable resources on TpT and they sell some gorgeous and stylish totes, tumblers and mugs in their Etsy Store too.  Their totes and tumblers are sure to help an SLP feel super stylish and glamorous.  Their Etsy store is having a short break at the moment, but be sure to keep checking their store as they're due to start selling again really soon!

Now, if you're looking for something more therapy focused for your SLP this Christmas why not consider some therapy materials? 

9. Activity Tailor not only sells fabulous downloadable resources on TpT, but she also sells some hard goods which are highly engaging and well made too!  There are different resources available, from these fun articulation jackpot games to category spinners!  All of the resources are sure to keep any students engaged in their therapy sessions!

10. Claudia from Creative Speech Lab makes some wonderful downloadable resources on TpT, but she also sells hard goods via Northern Speech Services.  These Articulation Theatre Books provide a unique and creative way to target multiple sounds simultaneously in a group setting!  These books will make the life of an SLP so easy, particularly if your SLP has a caseload of kids aged 9-15 years old!

Here's a Bonus gift idea!!

So, you may have noticed that all of these wonderful goodies are sold by SLPs who also have stores on Teachers Pay Teachers (aka TpT).  If you're still unsure what your SLP may want for Christmas, you could purchase a TpT gift card, that way, you know your SLP will be able to purchase anything they'd like, which will suit their caseload too!

I hope you've found some great gift ideas that you can get the SLP in your life this Christmas!  Drop a comment below with other gift ideas you've had, OR if you're an SLP, let me know what you're hoping to get for Christmas this year!


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    1. Thanks Monae! Glad you liked it- hope you found some good ideas for gifts too! :)

  2. Thanks for the shout out! SLPs know what SLPs want! I also wanted to add my Etsy store accepts gift cards too!
    Allowing for shipping my Etsy store will close next Friday, Dec 16th! I'll reopen in the new year!!

  3. Just got some pins from Erik's store--they are super cute and great quality! Get you some!


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