Making the Most of a TPT Sitewide Sale

A TPT Sitewide sale is a special thing. There are only a few of these each year, so they're a great time to stock up on all of those resources you've been wanting for a while!  Today I wanted to share with you a 'step-by-step guide' for helping you make the most out of the sale, and to highlight some resources you might be interested in too!

Step 1: Claim Your Credits!
Did you know that you earn TPT credits when you leave feedback on your paid purchases? You can then use these credits towards future purchases, so you save money! Awesome right?!
Here's how:

Head to 'My Purchases', found here: (You click on the drop down arrow by your name, and select 'My Purchases').

This then shows you all of the purchases you have made. Select the 'Paid Purchases' part. It will be organised by your most recent purchases, but you can sort this by 'needs feedback', like so:

This saves you a tonne of time searching through all your purchases, and makes it super easy to leave lovely feedback on all of your purchases! :)

You earn 1 credit for every $1 you have spent, and TPT rounds it up too! So if you've spent $3.75, you'll get 4 credits! Great huh?  You can check your balance too by selecting 'TPT Credit Balance' from the account drop down menu! 

Step 2: Empty that Wishlist!
Have you seen a great resource on Pinterest or Instagram lately? Been eyeing up a big bundle for a while? Now is a great time to get it! During a sitewide sale, most sellers (including us!) will set their entire store at 20% off! and yes, for our store, that includes bundles!
(Note, not every seller takes part in the sale, and some may choose to set the discount to a little less than 20%, but you will still be able to save when you use the Promo code). 
Be sure to go through your wishlist/favourite seller's stores and have a think about the resources you need for your classroom/caseload currently. If you think you need it, pop it in your cart!

You can easily check your wishlist by heading to the drop down menu and selecting 'My Wishlist' like this:

If you're thinking of things you might like to add to your wishlist, why not check out a few of these resources...



Step 3: Redeem Your Credits!
So, once you've fully stocked your cart, you need to redeem your credits!
Before you press the 'Checkout' button, be sure to redeem those credits, which saves you $$!

You'll easily see how many credits you have available, and how many you can redeem.  It instantly changes the price, so you know how much you've saved!

Step 4: Apply the Promo Code!!
Do not checkout until you've applied the sale Promo code!! TPT has a new code for every sitewide sale, if you apply that, you save an extra 10% off the cost of the resources! Pretty great, right?!
Here's how:

Then, once you've redeemed your promo code, you can checkout. If you have a Gift Card you can type the code in the 'Redeem a Gift Card' section too. 

All of your purchases can be found in the 'My Purchases' section!  It's also super easy to buy an additional license that way too, so if you've got a colleague who's in love with the resource as much as you are, you can buy another copy of it for a discount (usually this is 50% off the original price, but you'll want to check that as each product may differ!)

I hope this post was helpful for you!  What are you hoping to purchase during the sale?  Have you got any other awesome money saving tips? We'd love to hear them, drop us a comment below!

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