No Prep Therapy Ideas for Valentine's Day

I love celebrating Valentine's Day in Speech Therapy sessions! It is so much fun talking to the kids about people they like and gifts they have given/received and doing Valentine's Day themed activities! Since Valentine's Day is fast approaching, I thought I would share some of the things I'll be doing next week, and share some no/low prep resources and craft ideas that you might be interested in too!

A Foody Craft

I saw this adorable chocolate pretzel recipe/craft on Pinterest and thought it would be such a good idea to use in social skills groups next week!  You can target so many skills with this one recipe! Use the conversation heart sweets to target social skills; work on following directions while following the recipe and making them and target describing skills when you eat and evaluate them afterwards! Perfect!


I love using books in my speech therapy sessions too, and I found a great list of books on Pinterest which are perfect for Valentine's day!  Books are great for working on comprehension skills, story recall, describing, sentence formulation and more! You don't need any fancy worksheets or plans either! I just use post-it notes and spare paper; we make a note of key points from the story and any words we didn't know, then we look at the pictures to help us to understand what's happening and make sense of those words. We also look through the book for our speech sounds and practice those while talking about the pictures.  It's amazing how many targets you can address with just one book!  I like to use a book called You and Me  (Note, that's an Amazon link for your convenience, not an affiliate link). This book is such a beautiful story about friendship which is great not only for Valentine's day, but all year round!  I'll share more about how I use this book in therapy on the blog next week!

No Prep Resources

In our TPT Store we have a range of Valentine's Day themed, no prep resources which are great for targeting different speech therapy goals! Pronouns, prepositions, following directions, synonyms, antonyms and more! We've got you covered!! All of the resources are ready to just print and go, so there's no laminating or prepping to worry about! Here are a few resources you might be interested in...

We all know that games are super motivating for kids anyway, but I like to use themed games in speech therapy sessions for extra motivation!  I like using games that have a therapy goal tied in too! When working on prepositions, we usually play 'Hunt the Heart' (this game requires a few minutes of prep beforehand), in this game I hide hearts (that I've cut out from paper) around the room, they'll be under/in/on/behind/next to etc. different things.  Kids then have to find the hearts and tell me where they found them, e.g. "under the chair". It's super fun and ties in their targets perfectly!  We then use our 'Where is the Heart?' Interactive Book to continue the practice. 

Another game I like to play is 'Heart Hopscotch'. I originally saw this idea on Pinterest and adapted it for speech therapy sessions!  I draw hearts on pieces of paper and put them on the carpet in a hopscotch layout (I stick them to the carpet with double-sided sticky tape), and I get some articulation cards and put them in a pile at the end of the hopscotch. We then throw a small teddy onto the hopscotch, we hop along (missing the one that has the teddy on!) and choose a card from the pile. We then say that word the same number of times as shown by the teddy, for example if the teddy is on number 4, we hop down the hopscotch, miss out number 4, choose an artic card then say the word 4 times.  It's so fun and motivating- the kids don't realise that they're practising and I'm getting loads of trials! Perfect! 

So these are just a few ideas of what I'll be doing this week in my Speech and Language Therapy sessions! Do you do Valentine's Day themed activities? What do you have planned? Drop me a comment below, I love hearing new ideas!

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